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  • August 22, 2017

When is taking a private jet really worth the money?

Private Jet Charter

When is taking a private jet really worth the money?

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  1. Same day returns or multiple stops. You can jet to a destination and even return the very same day with time to spare, if you choose to fly privately. One of the luxuries of taking a private aircraft is the huge amount of time you save, which will be even more valuable if you are paying for corporate flights, for a meeting overseas. If your employees are flying with a commercial airline it will mean you are restricted to set times, may incur delays and will have to factor in check in and security times – fly your employees privately and you can avoid over night accommodation costs and won’t be paying for employees to be out the office for longer than they need to be. Arrive just 20 minutes before departure, fly closer to your destination and select the flight times that enable you to make make the most of your trip.
  2. Remote destinations – a limited or even no airline service should never stop you from flying.  Landing on uneven ground or in a remote destination is no problem if you fly privately. The best destinations are normally reached by a commercial flight into a main city but combined with a long windy drive – however if you fly privately, we can reach your final destination in less time and complete luxury.
  3. Fly side by side with the dogs! Don’t pay someone else to have the pleasure of your fury friends while you are away, bring them with! Fly with your pets, who can relax right by your side.
  4. Time costs money. Flying privately enables business professionals to continue working in privacy while on board, as well as freeing up time to schedule more meetings or perhaps even get home for bath time with the kids.
  5. Family first… Do not cut your family holidays short. You can jet off to a meeting or work commitment and jet back to your family in time for dinner. Flying privately or using our executive helicopter charter service will allow you to be flexible and manage both work and private life, with ease.
  6. Hate Airports, hate hassle! Even if your flying internationally, when you charter a private jet or commercial aircraft, the customs and security process is far smoother.  There’s also no restrictions on your liquid allowance, stressful queues or lengthy walks to a gate. Most of the time we can handle any admin for you and you can just pull up outside the aircraft, show your ID and get on.

Anything SHY can do to make your journey more enjoyable, just let us know. We’ll even provide a complimentary travel concierge service too assist with your hotel reservations and anything else you may require.

As always SHY Aviation are on standby 24/7 if you need a Jet or Helicopter to get you in or out of central London, call one of the team now on +44 (0) 208 616 8821 (24hrs)