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When flying for business there should only be one thing on your mind, your business.
Our team of experts will ensure that you have the value and flexibility your business needs to succeed.

   Flexible schedule – we fly around you. If your meeting runs over, let us know and we can advise you how long the aircraft can wait for.
   Multiple locations in just one day
   Don’t waste yours or your company’s time – drive straight to the aircraft, board and fly in as little as fifteen minutes.

   For your entire flight, the aircraft is yours; for board meetings or to simply work in a peaceful and private environment
   Save time – private flights are shorter than commercial flights
   Cost control – there is no long-term financial commitment with SHY Aviation and we don’t require large sums of money up front. You choose the aircraft size & type and the price, meaning we can tailor each and every trip to be as flexible as your budget may need.

We fly you to your budget, not ours.  Because of the hidden charges associated with block hour or fractional contracts, the price is always significantly more expensive than the accumulative cost of flights through Charter flying.

Tel : +44 (0) 208 616 8821 (24/7)