10 Reasons Your Family Should Travel by Private Jet

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Travelling with your family is a lot of fun, but it can also be a stressful experience. From dealing with security lines to finding a place to sit on the plane to getting kids settled in their seats after a long flight—it's enough to make you want to take a break from flying altogether. And that's why you should choose private flights!

Read further our blog to check 10 Reasons Your Family Should Travel by Private Jet.

1. Flying Private is A Delightful Experience

When you fly private, you avoid the stress of waiting in long security lines or worrying about missing connections or delays. You also don't have to worry about being treated like a regular commercial passenger—you and your family will be greeted as valued customers and not like another number which needs to be boarded.


2. Quicker Departure & Arrival

There are a lot of reasons to fly private. One of the biggest is that it's much faster than when flying with commercial airlines. If you've ever been stuck at the gate for hours before departure or queued up with a hundred other people to weigh your carry-on bags, you know how much time and energy is wasted. Flying private makes this process easier by eliminating it altogether—no two hours early arrival at the gate before departure. No lines. No weighing your bags. No fuss. Usually, boarding a private aircraft takes minutes - so you can get in and out of the airport quickly!


3. Better Onboard Entertainment 

Younger travellers get bored quite quickly—and when they do, it can make for an unpleasant trip for everyone else on board! Here comes the rescue - most modern private jets come equipped with inflight entertainment systems so that everyone can watch their own type of entertainment. 

4. You Choose the Time and Destination

With a private jet, you control all your travel plans. You can decide the destination, time of year, and time of day to fly as well as where you go and what aircraft type is used. You can even decide how many passengers will be on board with you.

Furthermore, because private jets can access smaller, more local airports, you arrive closer to your final destination—and that means less travel time overall! 


5. Relax in Privacy with Your Family

Taking time out from the hustle and bustle of life is essential, especially when you have a family to think about. Travelling by private jet allows you to travel with your family in complete privacy and comfort without worrying about other passengers or interacting with strangers.


6. Hassle-Free Check-in

If you're travelling with a commercial airline, you know the hassle of check-in all too well. You have to stand in line, wait for your turn, show your ID/passport and ticket (which usually isn't easy with kids), and then go through a security check. After all that is done, there's more waiting around as you get ready to board the plane. 

Flying private couldn't be more different. Check-in is quick, effortless, and there are certainly no long lines. Once you have completed a quick check-in, you'll be able to enjoy a private lounge in utter comfort where you and your family can relax and look forward to your adventure. 


7. It's Tailored to Your Requirements

Your private jet can be configured for your family's needs, requirements and preferences. Whether it's a change in seating arrangements to accommodate an elderly parent or additional space for other members of the family who do not typically travel together, the aircraft can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. This means that everyone will be comfortable during the flight and there will be plenty of room for all their luggage too!

8. Customised Catering for Each Family Member

If you're like most people, your family has different dietary preferences. Some of your loved ones may be vegetarian or vegan, while others may have allergies to certain foods. If you've ever tried to accommodate all these needs when travelling by commercial airline, then you know just how difficult that can be! In addition to the common frustrations with finding foods everyone enjoys eating onboard, private jet catering can be tailored specifically to each family member. They'll never have to worry about having their favourite snacks or meals again.


9. Little Ones can Meet the Pilots!

When you travel by private jet, your kids can meet and interact with the pilots. They will sit down and chat with them if time permits and answer questions they might have about flying or planes. The pilots will also take pictures with your kids once they land at their destination, making for a precious memory. 


10. Experience the Best Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

Families are busy. Between school, work, and other commitments, finding time to do things together as a family can sometimes be challenging. One way to ensure quality time with your loved ones is by travelling on a private jet. 

On board, enjoy direct access to an upscale cabin with plenty of seats for everyone and enough space for relaxation and entertainment activities such as video games or movies on demand that make this an ideal trip experience for families looking to create meaningful memories together.



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