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Abode2 takes off with SHY Aviation


Abode2 takes off with SHY Aviation to unveil their latest booking technology and why their passengers can travel efficiently and privately with absolute discretion. 

Private jet charters saw a dramatic increase in popularity during the pandemic as flyers saw an alternative option to travel safely without the stresses of commercial travel. Today, unusual and exciting destinations have become the latest ‘destinations of choice’, and the luxury traveller is looking for that special trip that can’t be found in a guidebook. Discover The Best European Ski Resorts by Private Jet. Instead of booking luxury hotels, they are looking to take exclusive use of properties in unique places or to have a bespoke ‘campsite’ in the Serengeti. Figures show that over the past 12 months, the use of private jets for tourism and leisure has continued to rise sharply, as discerning travellers look for bespoke experiences and new destinations, many of which can’t easily be reached with commercial airlines.

As the demand for private jet travel continues to grow and with a wide spectrum of options available to do so, from purchasing a jet to flying as a fractional owner and jet cards, the most popular way remains on-demand jet charter. With the recent boom in online flight tracking platforms, jet aircraft owners have become exposed to increased public scrutiny despite such tracking being seen as a gross breach of privacy. Several well-known figures in both the business and celebrity worlds have stopped using their own jets due to social media tracking their every trip.  With on-demand charter, the aircraft registration number is not associated with the flyer, thus enabling passengers to always remain anonymous, both on the ground and in the air.   

Launched in 2011, SHY Aviation has over 150 years of combined experience in the private aviation industry. SHY opens the door to the world of private aviation, offering clients a bespoke, personal round-the-clock service. The company is about to launch state-of-the-art technology which will provide clients with an end-to-end booking and trip management platform. The technology will be underpinned by dedicated and experienced aviation experts to guarantee a customised, high-value experience.  The booking and journey management platform allows clients, and those who book on behalf of clients such as PAs or family offices, the opportunity to review and compare available aircraft, with quality images and specifications detailing speed, height, catering, and CO2 emissions. 

SHY Aviation sources the best aircraft for what is known in the industry as ‘Spot Charter’ - a tailored on-demand charter for their client's particular needs. These aircraft are owned by airlines or individuals who rent them out when they are not in use. SHY has access to some 15,000 aircraft worldwide, generally utilising 3,000 of these from around 200 trusted operators. Each flight can be personalised to ensure a bespoke journey which is seamless and effortless. Whether it’s in-flight catering from the latest Michelin-star chef paired with the finest wines and champagne to celebrating a special occasion, the SHY teamwork with their clients to deliver the ultimate luxury experience and knows how important each individual detail is, no matter how big or small. What’s more, if you want to bring your beloved pets, the team will ensure they also get VIP treatment.  Find out more about Top Tips on Flying Private With Your Furry Friends

Their experienced chauffeurs and an elite fleet of vehicles provide clients with effortless door-to-door ground transport. From the car to the cabin, SHY removes the element of airport stress. Using only VIP terminals at airports, clients are driven directly to the steps of their aircraft, without the stress of queues at main terminals, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish. 

With an increased awareness of the impact of climate change, SHY Aviation is committed to supporting the industry’s stance on this important subject, and therefore in early 2023 will be announcing a new improved carbon strategy to give their flyers the opportunity to participate in programmes to reduce the carbon emitted by their flights. Through the programme SHY will, 100% offset all client flights and will allow flyers to acquire and control additional carbon offset credits. Recent reports indicate that aviation produces just under one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, which accounts for 2.5% of global CO2 pollution. With the aviation industry committed to a 20% cut in emissions by 2030, SHY’s carbon strategy will allow its clients to play a part in this important commitment. 

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