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If you’re wondering how to charter a helicopter, then the first step is to determine what type of journey you’d like. Helicopter travel is extremely efficient and flexible in terms of being effective for picking up from a variety of locations. 

Deciding on the best private helicopter for your use case depends on a number of factors. We’re here to help you discover some of the best private helicopters you can charter.

What is the best private helicopter?

There’s no one best private helicopter, as this depends on your preferences and requirements. However, at SHY Aviation we’re able to provide you with almost any helicopter you wish. If you have one in mind, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Here are some of the best private helicopters to charter:

Agusta AW109

This helicopter is renowned for its twin-engine design, which brings huge benefits in terms of its range and ability. It provides enough power to fly over water, unlike single-engine helicopters, meaning you can fly to more remote areas around the world. 

The Agusta AW109 has a maximum cruise speed of 283 KM/H, a maximum range of 833 KM/450 Nautical Miles, and capacity for 1-2 crew members and up to 6 passengers — perfect for a small group.

Eurocopter EC135 (Airbus H135)

Being lightweight, versatile, and featuring a twin-engine, there’s no wonder why it is such a popular pick. The low weight allows this helicopter to carry a high load over long distances, perfect if you need equipment to come with you.

This helicopter has a maximum cruise speed of around 250 KM/H, with a range of 342 Nautical Miles, with capabilities of holding 1-2 pilots and 5-6 passengers.

AS355 (Twin Squirrel)

The Twin Squirrel is a helicopter that we have provided to many clients previously. With similar advantages to the H135, the Twin Squirrel is also lightweight and features two engines, enabling it to travel across water. 

Specifications for the AS355 include a cruise speed of around 225 KM/H, a fantastic range of 437 Nautical Miles, and a maximum capacity of 5.

How can a private helicopter charter help your journey?

Helicopters are very versatile aircraft and can pick up and drop off in locations jets and other planes cannot. Here are some reasons why you might charter a private helicopter:

  • Travel to city centres
  • Airport transfers
  • From gardens to events (E.g. Grand Prix, Glastonbury, Ascot)
  • Airport to hotel (If helipad facilities are available)

How to charter a helicopter with SHY Aviation

If you’ve found the best private helicopter for your journey, then here’s how to charter a helicopter with SHY Aviation. Simply contact our global team or fill out our quote form. 

The cost to hire private helicopters can range from £2000 - £25000 depending on the helicopter and destination. We’re experts in the private aviation industry and can support you in choosing the right helicopter for your journey.

Book your luxury helicopter charter today with SHY Aviation

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