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It’s difficult to define the best private jet for long distance, because this depends on your requirements and preferences in many different areas, including comfortability, features, and of course, distance. However, we’re going to show you a range of long range private jets that could potentially suit your needs, highlighting everything you need to know.

How far can private jets fly?

Most long-range private jets can fly 4000+ miles, usually with a flight time of 6+ hours, with some being 10+ hours. The max range for each private change differs, let’s take a look at some of the best long-range private jets.

Long-range private jets

At SHY Aviation, we can provide any of these jets for your long-range private jet charter, as well as others that you request. To help you decide which might be the best fit for you, here’s everything you need to know about some of the best long-range private jets. 

Falcon 8X

If you need to fly across the globe, then the Falcon 8X is an excellent option to consider. With a maximum range of 6,450 nautical miles and space for 12-16 passengers, the Falcon 8X will always provide a superb journey for your trips. The jet has a spacious sitting area with ample leg room and lots of living space, including the ability to convert seats into beds.

Bombardier Global 7500

This private jet is industry-leading in the realm of global business travel, with a max distance of 7,700 nautical miles. The incredible interior is capable of holding up to 19 passengers, with a selection of living spaces, including reclining seats, a sofa, and even a bed. Numerous layouts can come with the Bombardier Global 7500, so enquire today to see how we can find the perfect jet for your charter.

Gulfstream G-650ER

Another jet at the peak of performance is the Gulfstream G-650ER, with a maximum range of 7,500 nautical miles and Mach of 0.925. It can hold up to 19 passengers in 4 amazing living areas designed for comfort and efficiency. The G-650ER holds the record for the farthest fastest flight in business aviation history. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this could be the ideal choice for you. The levels of comfort on a Gulfstream G-650ER are some of the best you’ll find on long-range private jets.

Boeing Business Jet

There are two versions of this private jet: the 777X which is capable of flying 11,500 nautical miles, and the 787, with a range of 9,945 nautical miles. Although they were originally designed for commercial travel, the Dreamliner specifically is now an incredibly popular business jet for those who require travel of up to 17 hours. Another outstanding feature of these long-range private jets is that the 777X can hold up to 75 passengers while still meeting these numbers. With Boeing aircraft often having separate bedrooms, this jet is the epitome of luxurious travel.

Book your luxury jet charter today with SHY Aviation

The long-range private jets that we can charter offer a level of comfort, convenience, and luxury that is unmatched. A luxury private jet charter provides you and your guests with ample space where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. 

With SHY Aviation, you can depart from any airport and arrive at your destination with no hassle. Our private jet services are flexible, giving you full control of your entire journey. 

If you're ready to experience the luxury and convenience of private jet travel, request a quote today for private jet charter services. As a global aviation charter company, we have access to every available aircraft on the market, and we're ready to help you find the right private jet for your needs. Contact SHY Aviation now to start your private jet rental journey!

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