Heavy Jet Comparison: Embraer Legacy 650 v Dassault Falcon 900

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Heavy Class Private Jet Comparison: Embraer Legacy 650 v Dassault Falcon 900


The Heavy Jet category provides passengers with exceptional range capabilities, extensive onboard facilities, and large luggage holds that make them versatile and globally very popular.

Here, we take an in-depth look at two of the best examples, Embraer Legacy 650 v Dassault Falcon 900. Both offer private jet passengers comfort and convenience no matter the purpose of their flight and are two of the most frequently selected by SHY Aviation clients.



Embraer Legacy 650

With phenomenal levels of comfort and exceptional range, the Embraer Legacy 650 is the ideal business jet for non-stop flights from Paris to Dubai, London to New York, and Istanbul to Mumbai.

Offering space on board for up to 13 passengers, natural light floods the cabin through 22 windows to ensure a suitably luxurious environment complete with high-quality materials and a wide variety of the latest in-flight entertainment technologies.

Another of the Legacy 650's clear competitive advantages is its class-leading baggage hold size. At 286 ft³, the 650’s baggage hold has room for approximately 20 suitcases.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce AE3007A2 turbofan engines, each generating up to 9,020 lbs of thrust, and featuring avionics systems designed to maximise the situational awareness of the flight crew, the Embraer Legacy 650 majors on safety.

The Inside Story

The Embraer 650 is popular with a variety of passengers with different needs due to a three-zone cabin that typically features 10 passenger seats and a three-seat divan. Reclining capability means four single beds and one double can be easily configured during a flight by passengers using user-friendly controls.

The previously mentioned in-flight entertainment technologies include Blu-ray players, iPod/iPhone docking stations, radio, 3D maps and wireless remote control. The large baggage hold at the rear of the aircraft is accessible during flights which ensures utmost convenience for passengers.

Dassault Falcon 900LX

Offering much less luggage space than the Legacy 650 but far more range, the Dassault Falcon 900LX is extremely popular choice for private jet charters needing to travel greater distances but with less baggage.

In practice, the baggage hold has space for up to 12 average-sized suitcases, but it has the range to fly between cities such as Chicago and Geneva, Mumbai and London, and Hong Kong and Sydney.

Powered by three ultra reliable Honeywell TFE731-60 engines, which deliver more power with lower fuel consumption and require less maintenance than much of the competition, the Falcon 900LX is one of the safest and most efficient aircraft in the world.

The Falcon 900LX’s cockpit is equipped with the EASy II flight deck with 14.1in flat-panel LCD screens and a cursor control device. This makes it a favourite with pilots as well as passengers.

The Inside Story

The Falcon 900LX has an extremely comfortable cabin, full of high-quality modern finishes. Similar to the Embraer Legacy 650, its standard layout is split into three sections with a double-club configuration and three-person divan.

Two seats convert into a full-length bed for night flights, while the rest are fully adjustable and can move along a track, swivel, and recline. The 900LX’s noise-reducing insulation, cabin mood lighting and high-speed WiFi make the flight experience very comfortable and suitable for both relaxing and working.


Both the Embraer Legacy 650 and the Dassault Falcon 900LX are extremely good options for private jet charters. The longer range of the Falcon 900LX ensures that longer trips are possible, while the Legacy 650 offers significantly more baggage space for those passengers who need to transport large amounts of luggage or equipment. 

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