Here's Why Flying Private Should Be Your Top Choice

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Choosing to fly private vs commercial is typically an option that needs heavy consideration. If you have the disposable money to make a choice, it's worth weighing your options. 

Chartering a private jet is definitely the ultimate in luxury travel. Despite flying private and first-class may seem similar, those two are significantly different models of air travel. With a private jet, you can explore the world without the hassle or worry of commercial flights and unruly passengers. This allows you to maximise your time at your destination and minimise the number of hours you spend travelling. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between taking a private jet and flying first class.

Flexibility and Time Saving

The saying "time is money" exists for a reason. After all, you can always earn money, but you can never buy time. For many, the flexibility of flying private is genuinely one of a kind as you have the option to plan trips at a time that is the most suitable for you. Furthermore, in most cases, you have access to airports closer to your destination, minimising potential delays. Since private jets offer meetings facilities, business matters can be scheduled while travelling. By contrast, first-class flights still run on by the airline schedules, so you have no choice but to adjust your plans to a timetable of departure times.

Hassle-Free Check In 

First-class passengers truly enjoy a deluxe treatment upon check-in. The majority of luxury airlines offer suites and lounges with spacious and comfortable seating areas, premium sleeping rooms and shops. Nevertheless, first-class passengers would still have to conform to airport protocol involving waiting for standard security screenings and for everyone to board since they are still part of a commercial flight. 

Imagine skipping all those annoying stages and simply driving right up to the aircraft to board just before your flight. Those who want total privacy and wish to avoid crowds and chaos in airport terminals would be delighted to know that private jet charters have FBOs (Fixed Base Operators). This exclusive feature allows passengers the luxury of having quicker security and customs checks. It also lets you have the freedom to arrive in as little as 10-15 minutes before the flight. You can even avoid long walks and be driven straight to the jet. These are just some ways private jet flights make it easier and quicker to get to the sky and your final destination.  


Privacy is one of the main superiority of private jets over first class. When flying commercial, you will still hear other passengers, noises and children surrounding you. Even the best first-class seats with dividers give you slightly more privacy than economic seats. If you need to hold a business meeting or take care of other important matters while travelling, it would not be ideal conditions to do it. If you plan to work while on board, you will definitely appreciate the comfortable space and privacy the private jet can offer. 

Customisation and Meal Services 

Luxurious travel is the name of the game. Hence both choices offer an exceptional experience. Top-quality customer service comes guaranteed for both options – private jet and first class. Delicious food and drink come as standard, but this is where the service differs. 

As a First-Class passenger, you can submit your dietary requirements in advance, but you are restricted to what is on the menu, with no customisation option. Private jet charter is bespoke; therefore, you can request anything you wish as long it is safe and legal. SHY always wants for its clients to create unforgettable moments. You can choose the entertainment, food, interior, and many more when booking a private jet. This is mainly because you have all the control. Moreover, you can celebrate the special moments in your life on board with tasty drinks, beautiful gifts and customised decorations. Those are perks that make deciding between a private jet or first class easier. 

Pet-Friendly Services 

When thinking about first-class vs private jet travel, one thing to consider is whether you want to bring your pets. Even when you have booked yourself the best seats in a first-class, your pets would not be allowed to accompany you. A flight can be a distressing experience for them, and this trauma can be lessened on a private jet charter by the calming presence of their owner.

We know that furry friends are part of the family, and SHY makes every effort to ensure that their travel is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Just remember, provide us with all pet's up-to-date documentation before travelling so that we can make all arrangements for you. 


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