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Aurora Saboir is the founder of a unique design studio where one-and-only ideas shape form and are powered by a passion for high-end living experiences. A bachelor's degree in Industrial Design Engineering and a master's degree in Product Design enabled Aurora to gain experience as a designer and creative director for many major projects across the world. 

Aurora's dedication and incredible passion fulfil the highest expectations of the most demanding briefs in many different design fields. Her impressive portfolio comprises state-of-the-art aviation projects, innovative solutions in yachting, stunning private residences, and iconic hospitality venues. 

Today, she is an award-winning private jet designer who focuses on exclusive jet interiors and livery, offering bespoke solutions and customised designs to a wide range of international clients.

Read our Q&A with AURORA SABOIR below and discover more about this incredible designer, her projects, awards, and future predictions for aviation design trends.

Q: What projects of your studio are you most proud of and why?


A: Worldwide travelling, Italian architecture, and high couture have inspired some of my most unique and revolutionary design projects.

A Yacht and Aviation Award-Winning Finalist, my project for AP Gulfstream was highly successful and widely acclaimed as an innovative design meaning it has become one of my most recognised projects. 

However, doing what you genuinely love gives you an incredible amount of focus and energy always to aim for the very best and so all my projects are really close to my heart.

Q: What would is the trend of the moment in the aviation world – creatively speaking?


A: Sustainable materials, especially for soft goods, upholstery and frequently changed or replaced elements onboard, are rapidly growing in demand. And features for adaptive seating to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation are also becoming extremely popular. Personally, I love to include artisan and handcrafted details in the interior as they add significant value and can be the ultimate touch of personalisation.

On the other hand, I'm very interested in the future of onboard entertainment and innovations, especially figuring out how to implement VR technology and devices onboard and how to use the interior as a suitable environment for a wide variety of virtual activities. I'm not talking about making the interior super futuristic by adding tons of screens and touchpads, as a VR set can fit in a suitcase and can make you see anything, be anywhere and engage in meetings, games, concerts and just take in-flight entertainment on the next level. I have the goal to design the first jet interior with a VR integrated standing treadmill. Can you imagine yourself flying for 6-7-8 hours 40.000ft high while taking a virtual walk around your new property development or just walking in a forest and enjoying the virtual nature? The technology is already here, and we just have to find how to implement it.

I'm also interested in bringing beauty, health and mindfulness practices onboard. Again, it's about exploring the possibilities of how to make the most out of the clients' flight time and extending the range of available services onboard. My research is about finding unique solutions, treatments and equipment which could be used self-sufficiently on a plane, including devices and practices for meditation and relaxation.

Q: Where do you draw your aviation inspiration from?


A: My inspiration comes from all walks of life: worldwide travelling, Italian architecture, listening to the waves of the ocean crashing on the rocks, getting lost in the miraculous world of underwater life, the smell of freshly sliced truffle, the taste of a nice cocktail at a beautiful spot on a warm summer night while flamenco plays in the background. I use the interpretation of beauty, uniqueness, and energy as inspiration when working on sensational, one-and-only creations.

I also research the latest materials, tech, and automotive innovations and monitor social trends. Therefore, I always have a bucket of ideas that could be altered or added to a new jet interior project. For me, finding inspiration means constantly thinking about the space I work with and the clients I design for.

Q: How significant for you was being nominated for the best "Private Jet – Concept Design" at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2022?


A: Being considered one of the best designers in the exclusive area of private jets was a privilege and a great honour. I was flattered to share this wonderful opportunity with globally recognised brands, manufacturers, and designers from the prestigious world of aviation and yachting. Venice was once again the perfect place for such a beautiful event.

For me, as a designer, being shortlisted among gurus of the aviation and yacht industry was an immense satisfaction and a source of unstoppable motivation to work above and beyond. 

Q: Are you working on anything new at the moment?


A: My clients have entrusted me with challenging yet amazing projects where I have the freedom to unleash my creativity and innovation. Moreover, new interior designs are coming soon, and our futuristic livery designs will be presented in a very special collaboration. I will be delighted to present these projects before this year's NBAA-BACE. 

Q: What do you think will be the future focus in the design world? – Any particular changes that you would like to see?


A: I think there will be a massive reconstruction of the core systems we have been relying on till now: redefining supply chains, focusing on sustainable energy resources, re-thinking mass volume production practices, especially with the idea of maximising profits by producing low-quality in large quantities. From the design point of view, as people started to become more conscious about where and what they are buying, our emotional relationship with the products we use and the objects we surround ourselves with has changed a lot in a positive direction.

We are also increasingly realising that experiences are making us more prosperous, and having time is a real luxury. I also love that choosing to be unique, showing diversity, and not necessarily following old habits and rules is being emphasised and valued all around – giving the vision of self-power and determination to control our own lives.

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