Private Aviation Trends: What's New in 2024 & Beyond

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Private Aviation Trends: What's New in 2024

Welcome to the world of aviation innovation! As we navigate through a rapidly evolving world, the private aviation industry continues to transform with new innovations.

Throughout 2024, a whole host of extremely exciting developments and innovations are set to redefine private jet and private helicopter travel around the world.

Our team of private aviation specialists have outlined the most important below to ensure SHY Aviation and our clients remain at the forefront of the industry.

Read on to find out more…

Sustainable Aviation – Eco-Conscious Private Travel

In 2024, we can expect to see significant advancements in the quest for truly sustainable private aviation.

Cutting-edge technology for new powertrains, ground-breaking alternative fuels, and a variety of ingenious carbon offset programs will each present manufacturers, operators, and charter companies with a wealth of new possibilities to explore.


Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is an alternative aviation fuel made from non-petroleum feedstocks that reduces air travel emissions.

SAF can be produced from non-petroleum-based renewable feedstocks, including the food and yard waste portion of municipal solid waste, woody biomass, fats/greases/oils, and other feedstocks. Currently, sustainable aviation fuel is commercially available and is used in current aircraft by blending it with conventional jet fuel at different levels with limits between 10% and 50%. 

Renewable hydrocarbon biofuels such as these offer many benefits. For example, SAF blended with conventional jet fuel can be used in existing aircraft, significantly reducing or eliminating costs related to updating engines or fuel systems. And compared with conventional jet fuel, 100% SAF has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 94% depending on feedstock and technology pathways. These are both of critical importance as the aviation industry aims to reduce emissions across the world as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Electric Aircraft

One innovation that all of us here at SHY are extremely excited about is electric aircraft. With innovative powertrains being introduced regularly, 2024 will see some fascinating developments in this space. A notable model to look out for in this space is the Electra eSTOL, which promises to make great strides in terms of range and capability. 

The current limitation of electric aircraft lies in the weight-to-energy ratio of today's batteries, which are disproportionately heavy for the power they offer. Furthermore, these jets are currently suited only for short-range flights with extended charging periods, making them less efficient than their traditional fuel-powered counterparts. However, the rapid pace of development means they are quickly becoming viable options for the future.

Empty Leg Flights

Another crucial strategy to enhance sustainability within private aviation is the use of empty-leg flights. These flights occur when a jet needs to return to base or relocate for its next charter without passengers, presenting an opportunity to maximize the efficiency of private jet travel by ensuring every flight transports passengers and does not fly with an empty cabin.

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding empty flights, empty-leg flights can be extremely attractive to private fliers as they can cost up to 70% less than a “standard” private jet charter. So, if you are flexible with when and where you can fly and can fly at short notice, staying up to date with empty-leg flight availability is definitely advisable.

To be informed of the global empty-leg flights SHY Aviation has access to, email

Rise of Urban Air Mobility

Urban air mobility (UAM) is poised to transform city transport, presenting a quicker, more efficient option compared to conventional ground travel methods. In 2024, we expect substantial progress in UAM technology, including the evolution of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles and the creation of sky-based transit networks in global urban hubs.

eVtols represent the next frontier in air travel with the benefit of relieving major cities of traffic congestion on the ground and offering faster point to point travel. The potential for landing on rooftops of suitable buildings will also enhance convenience and offer more efficient use of limited inner-city space.

Notable examples of impending models in this space are Joby, Lillum and Volocopter, each aiming to transform personal mobility within urban environments.

Personalised Travel Experiences

In 2024, luxury is all about personalised experiences. The emphasis on customisation, offering bespoke travel solutions, and prioritising comfort, convenience, and luxury for our clients will continue to be SHY Aviation’s focus.

We will continue to develop our combination of exceptional customer service and cutting-edge technology to make private jet travel as seamless as possible. As always, we will go above and beyond to tailor our private aviation solutions to the unique requirements of our clients.

Wellness and Productivity

More and more, aviation companies – whether that’s aircraft manufacturers, flight and airport operators, or travel providers - are focusing on the wellness of travellers through every step of their experience.

For example, we are staying closely involved in trends to transform aircraft into flying wellness sanctuaries. Innovations to improve in-flight air quality with advanced purification systems, ever-improving ergonomic design of seating and cabin layouts, and products aimed at enhancing mind and body during the demands of flying are contributing to a more comfortable and beneficial flying experience.  

There is also much to look forward to for business travellers. For example, the continued rapid development and capability of onboard technology, such as in-flight satellite WIFI, video conferencing facilities, and seating and table configurations for effective onboard meetings, will enable business travellers to remain more productive than ever before while they’re in the air.

Private jets of all classes, from very light to super long-range aircraft, will benefit from these developments, and SHY Aviation will be at the forefront of proving them to you.

Private Jet Escapes to Remote Retreats

As the world continues to shift dramatically, isolation is becoming a new form of luxury. From hidden beach retreats to secluded mountain hideaways, private flyers are venturing to more remote locales in search of untouched landscapes and exclusive getaways.

Previously rarely visited spots like Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and Mozambique are growing in popularity with luxury travellers and the experiences on offer are diversifying at a pace to ensure unforgettable adventures can be had where you least expect them.

Indulge in experiences such as incredible over-water villas, step into luxurious glamping in the jungle or be part of the action on safari. More and more such opportunities will be available in 2024 and beyond and SHY Aviation’s private jet charter provides the most convenient and luxurious way of reaching these destinations.

Our team of global luxury travel and lifestyle management experts at SHY Lifestyle provide a wide range of services to ensure you have the finest experience possible. From reserving the most sought-after hotels and tables at the best restaurants to arranging chauffeur-driven transport and exclusive adventures, they are on hand 24/7 to take care of every detail.

To conclude, 2024 is set to be a significant year in the history of private aviation. Companies that embrace these trends and innovations will strategically place themselves at the forefront of the ever-evolving global airspace. That’s exactly what we are doing here at SHY Aviation, and we are extremely excited to take you on the journey with us.

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