Quick-Reference Guide to the Benefits of Flying Private in 2024

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The Comprehensive, Quick-Reference Guide to the Benefits of Flying Privately in 2024


Flying via private jet charter comes with a whole host of significant benefits, even when compared to flying with the world’s finest commercial first-class providers.

If you are travelling via private jet, group, or helicopter charter, all the benefits covered in this article are available each time you fly. And if you book the travel arrangements on behalf of somebody else, then the below list may also make the job of obtaining approval for booking a private jet charter for your employer or manager much easier.


Flying privately can offer the best safety standards of any form of aviation anywhere in the world.

At SHY Aviation, we only work with the world’s finest and most reputable flight operators, ensuring our clients only ever step foot on the best aircraft, flown by the best pilots and serviced by the best maintenance and onboard crews.

We understand that flying can make some people anxious, no matter how many times they have flown. Therefore, we go to every possible extent to ensure they are made to feel as comfortable and reassured as possible. This is why we are proud of our 100% safety record. 


Whether you are a high-profile individual in the public eye, a celebrity, or a business leader, we understand your need for the utmost privacy when you travel. Hiring a private plane for your journey ensures you are guaranteed of complete privacy for your entire journey.

Privacy can make you feel more comfortable, relaxed, and able to truly enjoy your flight, either on your own or with your friends, family, or colleagues. It can also be absolutely critical for commercial success or legal integrity when travelling for business.

As a result, when travelling by private plane, it is ensured that no prying eyes will see you board or disembark your aircraft, no paparazzi will be able to take photographs of your journey, and no business competitors or media will know where you are travelling to and for what reason.

You will also have access to a private entrance to a private airport lounge or even an entirely private terminal. From there on, until your journey is completed, no unauthorised person will be able to track your flight, either in person or online.

At SHY Aviation, we offer the utmost discretion and ensuring your privacy throughout your journey is always one of our top priorities.


Flying via private plane offers the most convenience it is possible to enjoy when travelling.

Firstly, you can pick and choose the best time to fly based on your schedule alone. The departure times of commercial airlines no longer apply.

Secondly, you can be driven to the door of a private entrance, private terminal, or the aircraft itself, meaning the queues and unscheduled delays associated with commercial air travel can be forgotten.

Thirdly, your private aviation specialist will handle all documentation requirements on your behalf to ensure the administration of your journey is stress-free at all times.  

Fourthly, you are often able to access airports closer to your end destination than large commercial hubs. This limits the time required for transfers, meaning you can make sure you arrive at your holiday villa or business meeting on time every time.

Finally, and often most importantly, you can bring your pets on board with you so they can enjoy stress-free travel with no additional arrangements needing to be made.


Sumptuous seats. Fully flat beds. The finest entertainment systems. Showers and hotel-like bathroom facilities. In-flight WiFi. Flying via private plane provides it all. And so much more.

For example, the freedom to choose a bespoke catering menu full of your favourite food and beverages ensures you never have to accept what the airline wants you to have. Regardless of how good their catering may be, when you fly private, YOU decide what is on the menu.

That’s not forgetting silence when you want to sleep, with no chance of other passengers waking you once you’ve drifted off.

Flying privately is the epitome of luxury travel, and the undivided attention of cabin crew members who understand how to deliver the highest level of personalised customer service is the icing on the cake.

At SHY Aviation, delivering an experience that majors on convenient luxury is what motivates us every single day. 


The huge advancements in on-board technologies, such as in-flight WiFi, large flat-screens, seat and table configurations ensure that the business traveller has everything they need to make use of every second of a flight to keep working.

When flying privately, there will also be no interruptions by other passengers or cabin crew who do not understand your personal needs or desires. This means you’ll be able to concentrate on important work from the moment you choose to open your laptop to when you have completed all of your tasks.

And, as mentioned above, being able to fly on your own schedule and arrive at the airport closest to your destination means you will be as efficient as possible with your most precious commodity: time.

The benefits of flying via private jet are numerous to list in full and this guide provides just a few of the most significant to the majority of travellers. Here at Shy Aviation, our team of private aviation specialists takes great pride in understanding your specific requirements and ensuring you receive the benefits most important to you.

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