Single-Engine V Twin-Engine Helicopters: Which Is Best?

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Single-Engine Vs Twin-Engine Helicopters


Both single-engine and twin-engine helicopters have unique capabilities and characteristics. Understanding the differences between the two is vital when selecting the most suitable helicopter for your specific private helicopter charter needs.

SHY Aviation’s helicopter charter specialists have many years of experience sourcing the right helicopter for our clients. In this article, they offer their expertise and opinions about which situations best suit which option.

Power and Speed


The twin-engine configuration of twin-engine helicopters provides greater power and speed than single-engine options. This additional power is vital on flights that require rapid acceleration and deceleration, and it can also prove beneficial in emergency situations. 


Lift Capacity and Payload


In general, twin-engine helicopters have greater power, so they can carry more passengers and heavier luggage loads and perform more demanding tasks. In contrast, single-engine helicopters are typically better suited to flights carrying lighter loads, short-distance transfers, and taking off and landing in locations with less available space for manoeuvre.


Range and Endurance


Due to lower fuel consumption, single-engine helicopters often have superior range and endurance capabilities than twin-engine models. This enables them to fly longer distances, making them a popular choice for helicopter charters requiring extended flight times.




A significant safety advantage of twin-engine helicopters is that in the event of an engine failure, the remaining engine can still provide enough power to land the helicopter safely. As a result, only twin-engine helicopters can fly at night, or over water, densely populated areas, or inhospitable terrain. This means twin-engine helicopters provide the greatest flexibility for helicopter charters.


Performance in Adverse Conditions


Due to their extra power and the additional control and stability they provide, twin-engine helicopters typically perform better in adverse weather conditions and at high altitudes. This makes them the ideal choice for private helicopter transfers to locations such as ski resorts.

Examples of Single-Engine Helicopters Available for Private Helicopter Charter with SHY Aviation





Robinson R66:


The R66 is a popular single-engine helicopter known for its affordability, reliability, and versatility. It is widely used for short transfers and sightseeing tours.

Max Speed: 120kn / 140mph / 220 kmh

Max Range: 600km / 2hrs

Luggage: 18 ft³

Passengers: 4

Bell 206 Jet Ranger X:


This modern, light, single-engine helicopter is known for its advanced avionics, fuel efficiency, and low operating costs.

Max Speed: 120kn / 140mph / 220 kmh

Max Range: 650km / 2.5hrs

Luggage: 16 ft³

Passengers: 5

Airbus AS350:


An iconic helicopter respected for its blend of performance and a very comfortable, quiet cabin for passenger transportation.

Max Speed: 132kn / 152 mph / 245 kmh

Max Range: 662km / 2.5hrs

Luggage: 35 ft³

Passengers: 4-5

Examples Twin-Engine Helicopters Available for Private Helicopter Charter with SHY Aviation





AugustaWestland AW109:


A versatile twin-engine helicopter known for its speed, performance, and advanced avionics.

Cruise Speed: 168kn / 193mph / 311kmh

Max Range: 750km / 

Luggage: 34 ft³

Passengers: 6

Eurocopter EC135:


This iconic helicopter is known for its endurance, compact build, low sound levels, reliability, and versatility for many different types of helicopter charter.

Cruise Speed: 137kn / 158mph / 254kmh

Max Range: 600km / 1.75hrs

Luggage: 40 ft³

Passengers: 5

AugustaWestland 139:


Boasting superior performance, advanced safety design features, and state-of-the-art avionics, the AW139 can carry up to 8 passengers in a spacious cabin.

Cruise Speed: 165kn / 191mph / 306kph

Max Range: 800km / 2hrs

Luggage: 120 ft³

Passengers: 8

The Best Choice for Private Helicopter Charter

The choice between single and twin-engine helicopters depends on factors such as performance and range requirements, take-off location and landing destination, and the time of day of the flight.

SHY Aviation’s team of private helicopter charter specialists will guide you through every aspect of your booking and ensure your flight delivers you to your destination on time and in absolute comfort and safety.

Do not hestiate to visit our online quote to obtain a price estimate for your next journey.

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