What Are the Most Luxurious Private Jets?

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Have you ever wondered what is the finest example of a luxury private jet? Well, there are hundreds of elite aircraft that you can fly in on your charter, and at SHY Aviation we’re able to arrange any jet you’d like. Ultimately, what makes a private jet better than another depends on the requirements you need for your charter. Would you like a luxury private jet bathroom with showers, or would you prefer plenty of living space? Either way, we have access to the finest aircraft and premier operators in the world, and our specialists are able to tailor a charter just for you.

Read on to discover more about the most luxurious private jets on the market. 

Bombardier Global 8000

Bombardier's flagship private jet, the Global 8000, is currently the height of luxury. With reclining seats that ensure comfort for any length of flight and a spacious living area for ultimate relaxation, you’ll be sure to experience the flight of a lifetime aboard the Bombardier Global 8000. 

You can cruise to your destination up to 14,816 KM away with up to 19 people on board. Its maximum speed of 620MPH will get you there faster than any other commercial flight can.

Falcon 8X

The Falcon 8X exceeds all expectations. With efficiency, flexibility and comfort at its core, a flight on this aircraft is like no other. The 42.7 ft long cabin features a lounge area with entertainment, a seating area suitable for dining, a galley, and even a place to sleep.

This exceptional private jet creates a truly luxurious experience wherever you’re flying to. It can fly up to 12-16 passengers up to around 12,000 KM at 559MPH.

Gulfstream G-650ER

This private jet is perfect for long-distance trips. Seating up to 13 and sleeping up to 6, this luxury jet features spectacular interiors with 3 living areas to relax in during your flight. Each seat features recliner capabilities with support superior to any you’d find on commercial aircraft.

The Gulfstream G-650ER can glide across the skies at speeds of up to 594MPH.

Boeing 757-200 VIP

This aircraft was once a commercial plane which has been modified to provide one of the most luxury private jet charters in the world. A complete redesign of the interior allows for incredibly spacious living while on board, with a master bedroom, a forward lounge, a meeting area and a dining area. Some layouts may differ, but the luxuriousness of this aircraft is immense.

Carrying a full load at full capacity, the Boeing 757-200 VIP has a range of around 7100 KM.

Citation Sovereign

The Citation Sovereign is a super mid-size private jet that can carry up to 10 passengers for approximately 7:15 hours. A flight aboard this aircraft would guarantee extraordinary comfort and excellent performance, which is why this is such a fantastic jet. It’s simply one of the best mid-size private jets for a long-range trip, and you could be its next guest.

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We offer a level of comfort, convenience, and luxury that is unmatched. A luxury private jet charter provides you and your guests with ample space where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. 

With SHY Aviation, you can depart from any airport and arrive at your destination with no hassle. Our private jet services are flexible, giving you full control of your entire journey. 

If you're ready to experience the luxury and convenience of private jet travel, request a quote today for private jet charter services. As a global aviation charter company, we have access to every available aircraft on the market, and we're ready to help you find the right private jet for your needs. Contact SHY Aviation now to start your private jet rental journey!

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