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What You Need To Know About Helicopter Charter


Flying in a helicopter is an exciting and unique experience. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters can fly in any direction and hover in place, making them incredibly versatile and manoeuvrable. From the moment passengers climb on board to the final descent, flying in a helicopter is an adventure like no other. 

Passengers can enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape below and a bird' s-eye view of landmarks that are difficult to see from the ground. Whether flying over a city, a natural wonder, or a scenic area, the view from a helicopter is sure to be unforgettable. 

However, flying in a helicopter can also be a bit intimidating for those who have never done it before. Fear not. The safety briefing and the pilot's expertise put passengers at ease to ensure they enjoy a thrilling adventure that will surely be a highlight of any trip or vacation.

Preparing for Takeoff

Before taking off, passengers are required to go through a safety briefing. Pilots will explain the safety features of the helicopter, including how to fasten and unfasten seatbelts, how to operate the doors in case of an emergency, and the location of emergency exits. Passengers are also instructed to use the communication system to speak with the pilot during the flight. Once the safety briefing is complete, passengers are ready to board the helicopter.

The Takeoff

As the helicopter takes off, passengers will feel a sensation of weightlessness as the aircraft lifts off the ground. Once the helicopter is in the air, a smooth journey awaits and the view on offer is breathtaking. First-time passengers are always amazed at how different the world looks from a helicopter's unique perspective. 

The Flight

Once the helicopter is in the air, passengers can relax and enjoy the ride. If desired, the pilot will comment on the sights below and answer any questions passengers may have. The speed and altitude of the helicopter can vary depending on the flight plan and the weather conditions. During the flight, passengers may experience turbulence, which can be a bit unsettling at first, but it's a normal part of flying in a helicopter.

The View

One of the most exciting parts of flying via private helicopter charter is the view. Passengers can see the world from a new perspective and take in breathtaking views of the landscape below. From the air, landmarks that are difficult to see from the ground become visible, and the view can be truly awe-inspiring. Whether flying over a city or a natural wonder, the view is an experience that is hard to forget.

The Maneuvers

Helicopters are incredibly manoeuvrable aircraft and can fly in ways fixed-wing aircraft cannot. Pilots can hover in place, fly sideways, and even fly backwards. These manoeuvres can be thrilling for passengers, and it's not uncommon to feel a rush of adrenaline when the pilot performs them. However, these manoeuvres are also done with safety in mind and are a normal part of flying a helicopter.

The Landing

As the helicopter descends for landing, passengers will feel a slight drop in altitude before the pilot expertly touches down. The pilot will thank the passengers for flying with them and provide any final instructions before the passengers disembark.


Flying in a helicopter is a thrilling adventure that offers a unique way to see the world from a new perspective. Whether taking a short sightseeing tour or embarking on a longer flight, flying in a helicopter is an experience that is sure to be unforgettable.

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