What Types of Companies Use Private Jet Charter?

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A wide range of companies, from large multinational businesses to small boutique specialists, regularly use private jet charters for their corporate travel needs. As a leader in private jet and helicopter charters, SHY Aviation provides clients from various industries with safe, comfortable and convenient private travel solutions.

Companies that fly privately with SHY enjoy a host of substantial benefits, including maximum efficiency, high-speed Wi-Fi, flexible seating and curated catering. 

Read further and learn about four categories of companies that most commonly use private jet charter services, and check whether your organisation is well-suited for flying private.

Large Companies

Of course, it's less surprising that the world's largest companies would make the list of businesses that charter private flights.

Many reasons can be listed for why significant market players take advantage of private travel, but operational efficiency is vital. Private jet travel optimises the company's travel funds and enables them to get jobs done quicker and more effectively.

When they travel privately, they can be confident their flights will depart and arrive on time, often at airports that are usually inaccessible by commercial airlines. Disruptions in commercial flight schedules and unexpected flight cancellations do not come into play, and executives can continue to work whilst on board.

This extra convenience ensures employees arrive on time for their meetings and can still be back home in time for dinner with their families. 

Small Businesses

Private aviation charter isn't just for large companies. It's equally suitable for smaller businesses. A National Business Aviation Association report found that small and mid-sized companies account for around 85% of American business flights. 

Small companies are drawn to private aviation because it boosts their productivity and improves customer service by enabling face-to-face meetings. It also accelerates transactions for commercial organisations and protects intellectual property by allowing small manufacturing businesses to safely transport tools and materials that commercial airlines sometimes can't carry. With private jet travel, these companies can choose when their flights depart and schedule them around their production timetables.

Business CEOs

Along with the companies presented above, a broad group of CEOs and other corporate executives use private jets for similar reasons. The efficiency and privacy that private jet charters provide overtake all other methods of travel. 

The privacy and lack of traceability associated with private jet charters are invaluable when conducting important business deals, recruiting top talent, going through mergers and acquisitions or embarking on any other highly sensitive business venture, such as location plans for a new headquarters. Any CEO or executive handling one of these situations would be wise to depend on private aviation.

Luxury Travel Companies

For many reasons outside the usual convenience and time-saving factors, luxury travel companies often book a private jet charter for their clients. People willing to spend money on 5-Star hotels in exotic locations aren't necessarily thrilled with the idea of flying commercial.

Additionally, some of the best luxury holiday locations are easier to reach by private jet since the location of some commercial airports is farther away. Hence, private charter flights can take travellers directly to their destination. On top of that, private aviation airports might be more on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas, meaning there will be less traffic for travellers and more time to enjoy their holidays. 


There are many benefits associated with flying by private jet that can be enjoyed by companies of all sizes and structures. Compared to commercial flights, greater efficiency and convenience are matched by comfort and luxuriousness. Therefore, the more prevalent discussion would be which private jet company they should use to provide the jet charter to complement their travel schedule.

At SHY Aviation, we provide global private aviation solutions tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, we have access to the finest aircraft in the world to ensure a truly exceptional experience.

Our global team of private aviation specialists delivers the highest level of support in the industry. From flight planning to ground transportation, we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and convenience throughout your journey. Whether you require a private jet, a group charter to transport a large number of passengers, or a helicopter transfer to reach a unique location, our cutting-edge technology and personalised service are with you every step of the way.

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