Why Do Private Jets Fly Higher Than Commercial Flights?

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Do private jets fly higher than commercial airlines? It’s a common question in the aviation industry, and the answer is yes. There are numerous reasons for this, both for comfort and efficiency. Flying by private jet is a luxury experience, and it comes with the biggest of benefits.

How High do Private Jets Fly?

Private jets can fly at an altitude of around 41,000 ft, whereas commercial airlines usually stick to around 35,000 ft.

Reasons why private jets fly higher than commercial flights

Let’s explore why private jets fly higher than commercial flights:

Commercial Jets generally fly at 35,000 ft as it is the best balance for the size of aircraft with 100-450 passengers with fuel, taking into consideration the time to climb and descend from the height, and the length of the journey.


Avoid Commercial air traffic

As private jets generally don’t follow the same flight paths as commercial flights, some, especially long range private jets, they’re able to avoid Commercial air traffic levels by flying at a higher altitude.  It should be noted that Private jets use the same air traffic control as commercial flights, ensuring safety when climbing or descending through commercial airspace. Avoiding Commercial flight levels can mean less chance of hitting wake turbulence caused by other jets providing a smoother ride.


Fly more efficiently

As we said, private jets are all about efficiency for the guests flying, which is why they take advantage of the higher altitude. At these higher altitudes, it allows private jets to use their full cruising capabilities and speed to get to their destination in the most efficient way possible. It’s also important to note that due to the decreased air density at these higher altitudes, the aircraft has less drag, enabling the jet to fly further with maximum fuel loads.


Avert from bad weather

Although at 35,000 ft, there is rarely bad weather, if it should occur, it may not occur at 41,000ft, allowing for a more comfortable and seamless journey. Also, there is less chance of having to take an alternative route increasing the flight time.


Reach high altitudes faster

Because some private jets with large engines have lighter load, fuel and weight compared to commercial aircraft, they’re able to reach their cruising speed much faster by ascending at a faster rate. This ultimately leads to a more comfortable and faster flight.

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