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The SHY Ambassador Programme

At SHY Aviation, we've been at the forefront of reshaping the private aviation landscape and demystifying global charter. Since the inception of our Ambassador Programme, we've proudly welcomed over 50 dedicated global ambassadors who are thriving in the industry.

Our programme is designed to empower you as a part of our dynamic network of SHY Ambassadors, focusing on marketing a wide range of lifestyle offerings, with our private jet charter as the flagship service. What sets us apart is that you're not bound by any obligations, except the knowledge that you're fully supported from referral to booking, and you'll receive a commission for each successful referral.

Our Portfolio of Sales Offerings:

  1. Ad-Hoc Charter Flights: You rent an entire aircraft, determine departure and arrival locations, and choose your preferred times. We provide you with detailed quotations for your chosen route, allowing you to tailor your travel experience precisely.

  2. Helicopter Services: For those seeking a touch of luxury and convenience, our helicopter services are perfect for hotel, ski resort, and event transfers. We secure priority landing slots, ensuring you arrive on time and in style. Helicopters can access locations that are off-limits to other aircraft, making them the ultimate choice for any journey or terrain.

  3. Group Charter: We specialise in moving large groups of passengers from point A to B. Our experienced team handles complex personnel movements, having flown sports teams, scientists, government delegations, pop star entourages, and countless film crews around the world.


The Most Exciting Part - Your Earning Potential:

As a SHY Ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn a commission for each successful referral you make. The commission is not tied to the client's lifetime value but is a rewarding incentive for your valuable contributions. Your earning potential is uncapped, and your ability to make successful introductions to SHY Aviation is the key to maximising your earnings.

Additionally, our Ambassadors have the opportunity to earn additional revenue generated for SHY Lifestyle from client introductions. Please note that the Ambassador Programme does not apply to existing clients of SHY Aviation or SHY Lifestyle.

Hear from our Ambassadors



Hi Luke, could you explain about your experience with the SHY Aviation Ambassador Programme, when you started and any recommendations you have.

I first started the programme in 2019 when I was referred by a friend who made their first huge commission with SHY, which of course influenced me to do the same. I have been working in luxury car sales for most of my career and have access to UHNW clients, some of those spending upwards of £1million per car.

Throughout conversation of their global travels and visiting London as a touristic hotspot they desired recommendations spanning from getting access to Wimbledon to flying into Nice for the Grand Prix. It has been a perfect opportunity for me to earn commission alongside my current income and make a profit on worthy recommendations.

I have never believed in giving a big sales pitch, so I only really make an introduction if someone asks or the conversation arises, and to date I have made approximately 80 referrals for both aviation and lifestyle services.

I speak directly to my account manager via WhatsApp and the process is seamless and simple, I couldn’t advocate this programme enough and the team at SHY have become like a family to me.



Hi Suzannah, could you explain about your experience with the SHY Aviation Ambassador Programme, when you started and any recommendations you have.

I have been an ambassador since the start of 2021 when the global pandemic rolled around, and am a director of a luxury travel concierge, that for 10 years had been successful until the pandemic that like many others mostly came to a standstill.

I wanted to assist our clients in having the freedom to travel in safety and a secure environment, our demand from experiential breaks transition into private jet charter, so I researched and found the ambassador programme that has been my saving grace ever since.

I went through the speedy onboarding process and was allocated Amanda Shaw to assist with my referrals, to date I have referred over 50 clients using both helicopter charter, jet services, ticketing and shopping services. I would highly recommend the ambassador programme for anyone who has access to demand of luxury services or is a full time EA/PA or anything in between, the hard work is done for you and you get a great addition to your bank balance at the end of the month!

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