Why Should You Charter a Private Jet in Advance?

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Flying privately means quieter airports, much fewer fellow travellers, private lounges and no queues. For a long time, private aviation has been an on-demand industry, but with the busiest period in history, we are now at a point where the private jet charter market can no longer cope with demand, especially when travellers are willing to travel privately last minute. Hence, there has never been a better time to know your schedule and travel plans in advance. Booking your travel ahead can secure your bespoke journey and experience. 

Probably now, you wonder what is the best time to charter a flight or how far in advance should I book a private jet charter? Read further and discover everything you need for your next private flight.

The Benefits of Booking Your Private Jet Flight Early

SHY will provide you with a bespoke service, doing all we can to meet your needs to organise your trip with the most serene in-flight experience. At SHY Aviation, we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality, end-to-end service. However, meeting your requirements is always easier if we have more time.

Book a Private Jet Early For Peak Travel Times and Events

If you're planning to travel around the time of significant holidays, celebrations or events, it's essential to be aware that there will be increased demand for private flights. We advise planning ahead to guarantee the best private jet allocation and luxuries you want. Book your private jet for F1 Grand Prix, Monaco Yacht Show, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or your vacations as soon as you know your travel plans. 

When is the Best Time to Book a Private Jet Charter?

With private jet charters, more notice time is always better than less. So, a good rule of thumb is to book with as much advance notice as possible. Booking 1-2 months ahead is ideal, assuring SHY specialists will secure the best aircraft for your trip at the best time. Unlike commercial flights, where you may find good values with a shorter time frame before departure, the best deals on private jet charter are usually found when there is more advance notice. This is because providing a notice in advance will give you access to the greatest number of aircraft choices for your next flight, which is also the key to finding the best value for money.

Do Most People Book Private Jets 1-2 Months Before Departure?

No. Nearly ¾ of all private jet charters are booked 2-3 weeks before the flight. This means that these clients compete to find the best private jets for their needs. it is likely they will discover significantly fewer good values for their charter as the best-priced options presumably have been secured months before. Finding far more limited options, these clients may find that the available private jets are not suited for their needs and may be priced higher.

Can I Charter a Private Jet Less Than a Month In advance?

Yes. We understand that there are times when you cannot give 1-2 months' notice ahead of your flight. This does not mean you are closed out from chartering. SHY Aviation specialists will work quickly to allocate and secure an aircraft for you and get you off the ground as soon as possible, assuring your bespoke flight experience.

Do the Same Notice Rules Apply to Empty Leg Flights?

No. Whether you are looking for an empty leg flight (a flight scheduled to fly without passengers), you should charter no more than two weeks before departure. This is because these flights may be cancelled close to the departure date. Chartering one of these empty legs, you may save up to 50% off standard private jet charter prices. But beware that this travel option also has stricter schedules and little or no amenities or catering availability. Moreover, unlike conventional private jet charters, there is a greater risk that your empty leg flight will be grounded as it may be cancelled shortly before the departure date. 



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