Experience the ultimate in luxury and convenience. Enjoy the freedom to choose your own travel itinerary. Travel to exclusive and remote destinations that commercial flights cannot reach.

SHY Aviation provides access to the finest aircraft in the world to ensure a truly exceptional private aviation experience.

Whether you require a private jet, a group charter, or a helicopter transfer to reach a unique location, our cutting-edge technology and personalised service are with you every step of the way.

Our philosophy is simple: we care deeply about your journey and understand the importance of every detail.

SHY Aviation


SHY Aviation is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence in the world of private aviation.

We work alongside the world’s premier private jet operators to provide access to the finest aircraft at competitive prices. Our industry-leading private jet booking platform ensures flights be secured as quickly and easily as possible.

With extensive experience in private jet and private helicopter charter, our global team is equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to deliver exceptional service.

Our specialists craft solutions tailored to your unique requirements and provide 24/7 support throughout your journey.


At SHY Aviation, we recognise that time is the most vital commodity. Our mission is to provide the most efficient private jet hire service without ever compromising on quality.

Our industry-leading private jet booking platform ensures you can secure your flight quickly and easily. And our dedicated team will be on the ground to welcome you and wave you off, as well as providing round-the-clock support throughout your journey.

We are global aviation specialists who understand you and your unique travel needs. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, we deliver a personal travel experience that is truly tailored to your requirements.

About Us


Private jet charter with SHY Aviation enables you to:

  • Secure your flight quickly and easily via the industry-leading Booking Platform
  • Travel to exclusive and remote destinations that commercial flights cannot access
  • Choose your own travel itinerary and experience the epitome of convenient luxury
  • Receive 24/7/365 support from our team of aviation specialists
  • Access a wide range of exclusive luxury travel and lifestyle management services from SHY Lifestyle


Wherever you need to go, whenever you need to travel, FLY SHY for the finest experience


At SHY Aviation, we work tirelessly to locate the right private jet for your unique needs and budget.

With access to the finest aircraft around the world through carefully selected partnerships, we prioritise safety, privacy, and the highest levels of service.

We will present you with detailed information on the available aircraft, including the model, age, configuration, and luggage capacity, as well as exterior and interior photographs.

From short hops to trans-continental voyages, we will find the perfect aircraft for your needs.


Our global group charter services provide the best private travel option for every type of trip and group size.

Our experience extends to flying international sports teams, corporate groups, government delegations, and pop star entourages around the world.

Whatever your destination and no matter how many passengers you need to accommodate, our experts will find the ideal group charter solution for your needs.

With SHY Aviation, you can be assured of the most enjoyable and convenient journey possible.


SHY Aviation's helicopter service is perfect for everything from hotel transfers and ski resort drop-offs to attending last-minute events.

Our network of trusted operators has access to the finest aircraft and priority landing slots, ensuring that you arrive on time every time.

Moreover, our global team is available to meet clients on the ground to provide seamless access to destinations outside of traditional travel routes.

Whether you need to attend a last-minute business meeting or sports event, embark on a family sightseeing trip, or arrange an urgent medical transfer, SHY's helicopter fleet is always on hand.

SHY Lifestyle

SHY Lifestyle provides luxury travel experiences that surpass expectations. Our global access, quality of service, and creation of exclusive itineraries have cemented us as a world leader.

From private island getaways to journeys into the heart of the world’s most vibrant cities, we curate unforgettable adventures tailored to discerning preferences.

We excel in finding exceptional accommodation in the most stunning locations, whether that be prestigious hotels, off-market villas, exclusive resorts, or the finest wellness retreats.

To ensure the utmost convenience, we offer a range of additional services to provide our clients with everything they desire - from chauffeur-driven transport to the hottest event tickets.

Our team is available 24/7 and operates with the utmost discretion and professionalism to provide luxury travel experiences without compromise. Supported by a global network of trusted partners, SHY Lifestyle offers access to the world's most exclusive experiences.

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