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A private jet charter tailored to you. With time, luxury and convenience at the centre of our journeys, you can sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us.

Elevate your travel experience and let our private jet charter change the way you attend meetings, travel to events, and experience the world. Our private jet hire service offers access to the finest aircraft in the market, and we work with the world's premier operators to ensure an exceptional experience. We maximise efficiency and minimise the time spent travelling.

Speak to us today, and we’ll start crafting travel arrangements for you. We also provide group charter flights for groups of 18-400 people, as well as helicopter charter flights.


Fly on your schedule with SHY Aviation’s private jet charter


With private jet charter, there’s no need to wait for commercial flights and no need to endure busy airport terminals. Whether you have a business meeting, an event or a special occasion to attend, or you’re jetting off on holiday to sunny climes, private jet travel with SHY Aviation is the most time-efficient way to travel.

Embrace our seamless fusion of efficiency and convenience as we redefine the standards of private aircraft reservation. Our swift, streamlined booking platform allows you to create your own timetable and book to suit your unique requirements.

We’re always happy to help. If you have any questions, our private aviation specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Fly in true luxury with SHY Aviation's private jet charter


Enjoy large, cushioned seats, showers, flat beds, and unlimited legroom on our 2 to 18-seated luxury aircraft. Your comfort and safety are always our priorities, and we ensure you experience the perfect private jet charter to any destination.

If you choose to FLY SHY, you will receive VIP service on every flight. Relax in complete comfort, dine in the sky, choose a drink from the bar, watch a movie, and enjoy your journey. You’ll also have a cabin attendant onboard your flight to cater for all your needs. 

If you have any requests, such as the type of meal you would like, WiFi access, help with excess luggage or you want to bring your beloved pet - don’t hesitate to let us know.

Boarding a private jet with convenience


Our global private aviation solutions enable you to select your pick-up and drop-off destination from almost anywhere in the world. Wherever you need to go, we can get you there. Whether you’re looking for a short flight or a long haul, SHY Aviation will fly you to your destination efficiently and in style. 

We have access to the finest aircraft and partnerships with the world's most premium private flight operators. Our vast airport availability means you can get to places commercial flights can’t. Your SHY Aviation specialist will ensure you travel to the airport that is closest to your destination.

Your convenience is our mission.

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Hear from our Clients


At SHY Aviation we’re proud to have provided private jet charters for clients all over the globe. Our dedicated team and impeccable aircraft redefine air travel. But don’t just take our word for it. 

See the testimonials below and hear directly from clients who have experienced extraordinary journeys with us. They paint a picture of how we have elevated private jet charters to new heights, ensuring every moment in the sky is exceptional.

I have been working with SHY Aviation for over three years, they are fantastic, and I look forward to working with them for many more years to come.

Corporate client. London

Superb flight from start to finish. Quick service and competitive prices. I was well looked after, and the team were available 24/7. Highly recommend SHY Aviation.

Privent Client. Doha

I cannot thank you and your team enough for the help and assistance you have given us. You have all been fantastic! Your calm and reassuring manner throughout made my job a whole lot easier.

Private client. Paris

Your Private Jet Booking - FAQs

Get a quote for your private jet hire today, and discover a luxury aviation experience, tailored especially to your needs. We pride ourselves on being an efficient private jet charter company that gives you flexibility and access to luxury travel. SHY Aviation also provides helicopter and group travel across the globe. Enquire today to find out more.

Travelling by private jet charter is the epitome of opulent travel. It grants you the exclusive privilege of having a luxury aircraft entirely for your own personalised use. A bespoke private charter experience is tailored to your needs and requirements. It means proficient travel arrangements coordinated seamlessly, offering you flexibility, saving time and oozing class. Our exclusive ‘booking a flight’ management platform offers you a clear and concise way to book your private jet charter flight. You’ll find photos of all available aircraft, with floor plans included, so you can make an informed decision about which how you want to trave travel you wish to. Drawing on our years of expertise, we’ll even recommend the best flight for you based on your needs and requirements. You’ll also benefit from interactive updates on your mobile, with access to an app that gives you all the info you need to board your flight seamlessly.
For a business executive with a hectic schedule, we understand the importance of quick, seamless travel. Perhaps you need to fly to three destinations all in a single day? Then you can! Take advantage of your private jet hire and capitalise on the freedom afforded by having your own aircraft as you jet across the skies in style. Need to fly to three destinations all in a single day? Then you can! Conduct meetings, collaborate and strategise in your private and tranquil setting. Unhindered by distractions, you’ll be able to harness true productivity and deliver on your executive tasks in comfort.
Our extensive fleet of aircraft means flexibility for your needs. Travel solo in one of our sleek and nimble very light jets, or take a small team with you in our mid-size jets. You can also enjoy a spacious and luxurious experience travelling in one of our long-range jets, where you can glide across the country in style.
Bringing a pet on board is permitted based on the approval of the operator and the specific airport you plan to travel to.
Smoking on board the aircraft can be permitted at the discretion of the operator. Additional charges may apply for this service.
We usually recommend clients to arrive at the airport 30 minutes prior to departure. This allows ample time for the handling agents to load the bags and for the crew to assist passengers in boarding the aircraft.
Typically, private jets require two pilots for operation. However, certain types of Light Jets and Very Lights may allow for single-pilot operation. This discretion rests with the operator and crew.
We operate globally! Please get in touch with us for a quote.
Please provide passports for all passengers flying, and it’s important to ensure they are valid for the entire trip. If travelling with a pet, make sure to have all relevant documentation, including health certificates and vaccination records. Additionally, please inform us of any allergies or dietary requirements so that we can accommodate your preferences during the flight.
Yes, we offer transportation to and from the airport. Please get in touch with our team for a quote.
WiFi can be requested, but it's important to note that only specific operators offer this service on board. Please be aware that requesting WiFi will involve an additional cost.
Bringing sports equipment on board private jet is allowed, but it will depend on the aircraft’s luggage capacity as it will contribute to the overall weight of the luggage.
The amount of luggage permitted depends on the aircraft's capacity and performance. Larger aircraft typically accommodate more luggage. Additional luggage can sometimes be permitted at the crew's discretion.
Catering services are available on each aircraft. Smaller aircraft generally provide snacks and cold catering, while larger ones offer hot catering options. Passengers on larger aircraft often have the choice to select their preferred meals. Certain aircraft may not have catering included but it can be requested at an additional cost.
Firearms are permitted at the discretion of the operator, as not all operators will allow this. Additionally, it’s necessary to inform us at the time of booking so we can approve this with the airport authorities. Ammunition is permitted as well, provided it’s not loaded in the firearm.
You can book and fly on the same day. We strive to meet the expectations of last-minute bookings and aim to have you on the flight within 3 hours of the booking whenever possible. However please note that certain operators may not be available for flights on that specific day and time.
We offer multiple payment options: Wire Transfer, Credit or Debit Card and Bitpay.
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